‘DeFi Made Simple.’

This Project’s goal is to make DeFi simple and make it easy to introduce to others on how it works and can have confidence in investing for those who don't understand.


We are happy to announce the Launch of DeFinomics Presale and will Launch on the DXSale Platform that will lock 80% liquidity until the year 2099. Over the past month we have worked to create our 1st version of our Tokens V1 Platform. We wanted to make sure we had a live working Product before launch. There are so many Projects that promise the world and newest technologies and go nowhere are others get sold without even a website sometimes and get ‘Rugged’. …


We are now on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC). We originally were going to launch on Ethereum but the Binance Smart Chain seemed like a good choice to have for the future of our Token and costs to the user.


'DeFi Made Simple.' Looking to make a secure profitable Platform with ease of use.

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