We are happy to announce the Launch of DeFinomics Presale and will Launch on the DXSale Platform that will lock 80% liquidity until the year 2099. Over the past month we have worked to create our 1st version of our Tokens V1 Platform. We wanted to make sure we had a live working Product before launch. There are so many Projects that promise the world and newest technologies and go nowhere are others get sold without even a website sometimes and get ‘Rugged’. We wanted to make sure we had the right Tokenomics for success, working Platform, locked Liquidity and the right pricing for everyone.

We were originally going to launch at 10 per Binance Coin (BNB) but are now offering it at 18 per (BNB) for all Presalers. The Circulating Supply will only be 4860 which is very limited and the Tokens not sold past the Softcap will be considered burnt and locked in DXSales contract. Staking testing was successful and you can start Staking right away at 128% APY. The goal is ‘DeFi Made Simple’, an easy Platform to invest and earn in staking or with our low pricing and low supply to trade.

After Launch we will start working on the RoadMap which will include V2 of the Platform. We want a simple Platform that you can earn passive income and watch your investment. Staking only has a 48 hour lock before you can unstake. The Platform will include a Dashboard where you can watch the price live and a swap section if you want to buy or sell. Our Farming that is planned will follow after and will have more details on that down the road.

We will lock all Team Tokens and Development/Marketing Tokens with DXSale also. The Tokens will be released monthly in stable increments. Their will be some Development Tokens available at the beginning to start working on the Platform. We want to make a successful Project for everyone and have a successful launch. We will Launch on April 5th at 12 EST.







'DeFi Made Simple.' Looking to make a secure profitable Platform with ease of use.

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'DeFi Made Simple.' Looking to make a secure profitable Platform with ease of use.