We are now on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC). We originally were going to launch on Ethereum but the Binance Smart Chain seemed like a good choice to have for the future of our Token and costs to the user.

(BSC) is built for DeFi and our goal is to eventually be an easy ‘One Stop Platform’ and found it necessary to upgrade into the Platform especially for future use, cost and ease. ‘DeFi Made Simple.’

We had to do a few more tests this week on the Binance Smart Chain before launch. The goal is to have a simple and profitable working Platform and starting with Staking at 128% which is ready and are currently looking for a LaunchPad on (BSC) that will lock liquidity which is limited at the moment. We also have updated the User Interface on the Staking Platform for ease of use.

We are excited to launch but have been looking for the right decentralized platform to do so that locks liquidity. This is our current version of the Roadmap of what we’ve done in the past few weeks since we started and are looking to do in a short term time to come.

We decided to offer Presales at a low initial price for ALL early investors. We will be offering DeFinomics (DFN) at 10 per BNB and will have a very low circulating supply and looking to Launch soon and will be announced. What Tokens are not sold will be locked and then (DFN) will be listed on Pancakeswap to trade. We will also lock the Team Tokens through contracts and start development on the rest of the Roadmap after a successful launch.






'DeFi Made Simple.' Looking to make a secure profitable Platform with ease of use.

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'DeFi Made Simple.' Looking to make a secure profitable Platform with ease of use.

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