3 min readMar 11, 2021


‘DeFi Made Simple.’

This Project’s goal is to make DeFi simple and make it easy to introduce to others on how it works and can have confidence in investing for those who don't understand.

With DeFi and Cryptocurrencies in general, I have personally seen people become millionaires and others lose their fortune. Its true most wont get rich but our goal is to have an easy way and Platform on how to make a safe ‘Passive Income’. I’ve also witnessed the stress of the risks with new technology and ideas that can plague a movement like a term called ‘Rug Pulling’ which can be done by removing liquidity. We will lock 80% of our presale till the year 2099 which will help keep liquidity and longevity to the Project.

The goal of DeFinomics is to give a Platform that works, and will make you profit at the same time. With the right tokenomics and demand the price will rise in some cases a significant amount, but its not always just about price and in DeFi. Its about a good Platform with the right plan that can show security and stability. Also, that is where Staking Rewards and planned Yield Farming comes in, Staking will be at 128% APY.


Total Supply 25000

Circulating Supply 4860

Developement/Marketing 1661

Team 1800 (locked for periods of time)

Liquidity Locked 80%

Staking rewards 13768 (which will be locked)

We chose a low Circulating Supply of 4860 because of tokenomics which we will also have an initial low price at the presale which will make DeFinomics more attractive to investors and should help with price increase and benefit new investors. No matter what, the 128% APY will ensure true passive income to holders and planned Farming will be announced after launch.

The goal was for a secure ‘One Stop Platform’ that creates trust through locked liquidity, ease of use, great Tokenomics and steady income made simple. We will have a ‘Buy’ section that you can exchange your tokens with ease and to watch your investment we will have an ‘App’ section where you can observe your investment with live pricing at all times and read the white paper and more.

At the moment we are looking to add the Binance Smart Chain (BSC)which will give users more access to lower fees when exchanging and is a very popular option right now. We have been debating that this past week and has slowed momentum, but if done right I believe it will be a good option to start with even though we can migrate with (BSC) later. We are looking at different (BSC) Launch Pads and options at the moment and have no immediate timeline for launch.

We are just now introducing this Project and have much work behind the scenes to do before we launch (like BSC Integration), with that being said we hope you like the Projects simple vision of an easy User Interface, secure Passive Income, and great Tokenomics. DeFi Made Simple.




'DeFi Made Simple.' Looking to make a secure profitable Platform with ease of use.